Subjects Tutored

Tenney School teachers are available to work with students in any courses taught at The Tenney School. Space may be limited based on teacher availability. The Tenney School is 6th through 12th grades.  Below is a list of the subjects Tenney School teachers are available to tutor:

English Science History Math Electives
Eng 6 Sci 6 World History Math 6 Spanish 6
Eng 7 Life Sci Texas History Math 7 Guitar
Eng 8 IPC US History Pre-Alg Piano
Eng I Biology World Geography Alg I/II Voice
Eng II Chem World History Geom
Eng III Physics US History Pre-Cal
Eng IV Environmental Sci US Government/Economics Calculus

**These will be buttons/hyperlinks to pages which have a list of all the teacher who tutor those subjects

Our Staff

Tenney School Live will use the same experienced high-quality staff used in person at The Tenney School.  While Tenney School Live may be a new name and a new online learning platform, the format and staff delivering this program are not new. 

You can find more information about the on The Tenney School Staff Page.