Tutoring/Private Instruction ($80/Hour)

Tenney School Live is a great place to get help in the courses you are taking now.  Our tutors are our teachers. The same teachers tutoring each afternoon are teaching the students one-to-one during the day. They know the course material inside and out as well as the typical portions of curriculum that may be a struggle. 

Students taking tutoring/private instruction at Tenney School Live will be charged $80/hour.

Individual Course Enrollments ($2,000/Semester)

When capacity is available, students can also enroll in individual courses at Tenney School Live.  Individual courses will be scheduled concurrent with The Tenney School schedule.  Upon semester completion, report cards and transcripts will be sent to the school of record for each individual course student.  Individual courses can be completed for $2,000/each. 

  • Home school students taking higher level coursework
  • Students interested in taking Advanced Placement courses
  • Students in distance learning programs ineffective for particular subjects

Full-Time Enrollments

Students can enroll on Tenney School Live as full-time students.  Full-time Tenney School Live students will have the same schedules, books, teachers, devices, and accounts as students coming in-person to The Tenney School.  Full-time Tenney School Live students will be taking all instruction 1-to-1 with his/her teachers. To be considered a full-time Tenney School Live student, students should be taking at least courses in the core subjects: English, science, history, and math.  Additional 1-to-1 courses can be taken in electives as needed/available (Spanish, music, art, etc.). Course cost for Tenney School Live enrollments will vary along with the number of registered courses: 

  • 1st Course Tuition: $2,000/semester
  • 2nd Course Tuition: $1,900/semester
  • 3rd Course Tuition: $1,800/semester
  • 4th Course Tuition: $1,700/semester
  • 5th Course Tuition: $1,600/semester
  • 6th Course Tuition: $1,500/semester

Students enrolled full-time on Tenney School Live will need to complete an application for admission to The Tenney School.