Tenney School Live Results:

“Blake really likes the online classes – he gets up at the same time, has the same morning routine and generally enjoys the approach.”

Dawn, Class of 2020 Parent

“Thank you, the teaching staff and your IT department for the creative solutions, implementation, and success that have been delivered.”

Dawn, Class of 2020 Parent

“We appreciate how prepared you guys were for this. Everything has gone great…I almost feel guilty telling my friends how well it’s been going for us!”

Jenny, Class of 2021 Parent

“I’m so appreciative to all your hard efforts to make this distance learning a reality in such a short time. The kids need a purpose each day, and this is helping them stay on track.”

Dawn, Class of 2020 Parent

“Just wanted to send this note to thank for all the effort you and the entire Tenney School team had put for this transition to be successful. The remote learning system is working very well, and the transition (at least from our end) has been very smooth.”

Santiago, Class of 2021 Parent

“It is going amazingly well!  The structure really made it easy to transition to distance learning…The teachers have been so impressive during this time!  Well done!”

Mary Howell, Class of 2024 Parent

“Congratulations on your online success! It was intuitive to me that you would easily make the transition and that your students would continue to benefit from online learning in your wonderful school!”

Adam, Class of 2023 Parent