Current in-person or online school not working?

Students can enroll full-time on Tenney School Live.

  • Full-time enrollments should be scheduled for all core courses: English, science, history, & math
    • A list of our core classes is available on The Tenney School Curriculum Page.
    • A current list of available elective course can be sent to you upon request, but generally include: Spanish, art, music, and computer courses.
  • Student schedules will include one-to-one instruction, and homeroom/study hall time
    • Courses will be taught using one-to-one instruction
  • Student classes will be scheduled 9am-2pm (Central Time) or during tutoring hours
  • Three payment plans¬†available for full-time enrollments

Our Staff

Tenney School Live will use the same experienced high-quality staff used in person at The Tenney School.  While Tenney School Live may be a new name and a new online learning platform, the format and staff delivering this program are not new. 

You can find more information about the on The Tenney School Staff Page.

Who We Serve

  • Students who can benefit from one-to-one instruction.
  • Students with medical needs that do not allow them to come to a facility.
  • Students not living in Houston.
  • Students needing schedule and location flexibility.