Need a Single Class for Credit?

No problem. Just like our one-to-one summer programs, Tenney School teachers can cover a course for credit with students online. 

  • The Tenney School will provide a account for students to access Microsoft-Teams
  • The Tenney School will also provide a device to students needing one
  • Course can be taken both during the day (9am-2pm) or during tutoring hours (3pm-5pm)
  • The cost for a single course is $1,900 (per semester)

Semester content for the courses completed for credit is typically covered in 27 hours of one-to-one instruction.

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Our Staff

Tenney School Live will use the same experienced high-quality staff used in person at The Tenney School.  While Tenney School Live may be a new name and a new online learning platform, the format and staff delivering this program are not new. 

You can find more information about the on The Tenney School Staff Page.

Subjects Available for Credit

Tenney School teachers are available to teach for credit any high school courses taught at The Tenney School. Space may be limited based on teacher availability. These courses include:

English Science History Math
Eng I IPC World Geography Alg I
Eng II Biology World History Geom
Eng III Chem US History Alg II
Eng IV Physics US Government Pre-Cal
Environmental Sci Economics Calculus

For credit courses are also available for elective subjects to include: Spanish, Music & Art