Photo of smiling student sitting at the kitchen table, online learning with laptop and smartphone during the day at home, looking at camera with smile. Teenage boy with headphones using laptop at table in room. 11 years old boy sitting behind a laptop doing online school while smiling.

What is Tenney School Live?

The Tenney School Live is a set of resources and processes used to run The Tenney School online.  It is the same high quality one-to-one based education delivered in a distance learning environment. It is the same teachers, textbooks, and curriculum as The Tenney School, delivered using Microsoft Teams and Office365.


Tenney School Live is accredited as part of The Tenney School.  The Tenney School has maintained accreditation through Cognia (formerly AdvancED & the Southern Association of Colleges & Schools) since 1979. The accreditation process is repeated every five years.  The last Quality Assurance Review of The Tenney School was completed in February 2017.

The review helps focus schools on a continuous process of improvement by providing external checks, support, and feedback.


Though our school specifies four different levels of curriculum (Honors, Standard, Modified, and English Language Learner), one-to-one instructors factor in each student’s learning strengths, weaknesses, capabilities, and needs when working with students. The below table shows the typical progression of subjects from year to year, but specific programming will be tailored for the student’s needs and abilities.

English Science History Math
Eng 6 Sci 6 World History Math 6
Eng 7 Life Sci Texas History Pre-Alg or Math 7
Eng 8 IPC or Earth Sci US History Alg I or Pre-Alg
Eng I Biology World Geography Geom or Alg I
Eng II Chem or Env Sci World History Alg II or Geom
AP Eng III or Eng III Physics or Chem AP US History or US History Pre-Cal or Alg II
AP Eng IV or Eng IV AP Env Sci or Physics US Government & Economics AP Calculus or Pre-Cal

Our History

Tenney School Live was launched on March 23, 2020 in response to the Coronavirus Crisis. Because of government directed school facilities closures, The Tenney School came back from Spring Break and moved all classes to virtual online learning. As it turned out, the one-to-one classroom model developed over 48 year at The Tenney School, was easily transferable to an online learning environment. The teachers, students, textbooks, and schedules all remained the same, but instead of meeting in person, they meet online using Microsoft Teams.


Tenney School Live will use the same experienced high-quality staff used in person at The Tenney School.  While Tenney School Live may be a new name and a new online learning platform, the format and staff delivering this program are not new. 

You can find more information about the on The Tenney School Staff Page.