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One-to-One Instruction

The Tenney School Live is a set of resources and processes used to run The Tenney School online.  It is the same high quality one-to-one based education delivered in a distance learning environment. It is the same teachers, textbooks, and curriculum as The Tenney School, delivered using Microsoft Teams and Office365.

Watch the following introductory video to see how it works.

How It Works


Students enrolled in Tenney School Live will be issued a Tenney School schedule. The schedule will follow the same principals of Tenney School schedule:

  • Classes from 9am-2pm (Central Time) or during after school tutoring
  • One-to-One Classes for Core Curriculum (English, Science History, and Math)
  • Electives courses can be scheduled on Tenney School Live or taken offsite
Students and teacher Microsoft Team


Students meet their teachers on Microsoft Teams (or Zoom in some cases).

Student with laptop online learning

Distance Learning

You can find full details of the Tenney Distance Learning program on the Tenney Distance Learning Page.

3 Types of Tenney School Live Enrollments:


Need help with a specific subject? Tenney School teachers are available each day to work online one-to-one with students. 

  • Tutoring available after school
  • Students will be provided a account to access Microsoft Teams for sessions
  • For tutoring, students will need their own device
  • Tutoring can be scheduled in 30 minute increments
  • Tenney School Live tutoring is $80/hour
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Take a Class for Credit

Want to take one class one-to-one for credit? No problem. Just like our one-to-one summer programs, Tenney School teachers can cover a course for credit with students online. 

  • The Tenney School will provide a account for students to access Microsoft-Teams
  • The Tenney School will also provide a device to students needing one
  • Course can be taken both during the day (9am-2pm Central) or after school during tutoring hours
  • The cost for a single course is $2,000
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Full-Time Enrollment

Current online learning solution not working? Students can enroll full-time on Tenney School Live.

  • Students can take all core courses One-to-One on Tenney School Live: English, science, history, & math
  • Students can take additional elective subjects on Tenney School Live or earn elective credits “offsite”
  • Student classes will be scheduled 9am-2pm (Central Time) or after school during tutoring hours
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Teacher teaching student Math using Microsoft Teams

Why Choose Tenney School Live?

The strength of Tenney School Live is the strong student-teacher connection. In our one-to-one online classes, the student and teacher will get to know each other just as well as if they were in person. Our teachers will quickly understand each student’s strengths, learning style, areas of improvement and personality. This knowledge will quickly allow our teachers to deliver a tailored classroom program especially for your student. The strong student-teacher connection of Tenney School Live overcomes some of the challenges faced in typical online learning programs: student confusion, disconnectedness, and lack of accountability.

The Power of One-to-One Online Instruction

The one-to-one instruction built into Tenney School Live really differentiates it from other online learning programs. In typical online learning programs, the student is responsible for understanding the outline and content of each course. While some students can successfully navigate this type of course, many students struggle. At Tenney School Live, teachers will guide students through courses, one-to-one, face-to-face. Through the one-to-one classes, students will not be left wondering what to do. Teachers will provide each students an overview of the course with very clear instruction, classwork, and homework.

Required Resources


Tenney School Live students take lessons from the same high-quality staff delivering face-to-face instruction on campus at The Tenney School.


Students will need a device to use for lessons. Students who don’t have a device will be issued a Chromebook by The Tenney School.

Internet Access

It is important Tenney School Live students have a reliable internet connection for the video lesson to have maximum effectiveness.


Students will be supplied a set of textbooks from The Tenney School based on individual course enrollment.


All students will be provided a Tenney School Office365 account to have access to the entire suite of office tools (including Microsoft Teams-our primary classroom for online learning).

Google Account

Students using the school issued Chromebooks will also be assigned a google account.

Who We Serve

  • Students who can benefit from one-to-one instruction.

  • Students with medical needs that do not allow them to come to a facility.

  • Students not living in Houston.

  • Students needing schedule and location flexibility.

  • The Tenney School Students:

    The initial Tenney School Live students were students enrolled at The Tenney School campus forced to an online learning environment due to Covid-19 stay-at-home orders. Those students will continue using Tenney School Live until it is deemed safe to return to the facility.

Tenney Live Results:

“Blake really likes the online classes – he gets up at the same time, has the same morning routine and generally enjoys the approach.”

Dawn, Class of 2020 Parent

“It is going amazingly well! The structure really made it easy to transition to distance learning…The teachers have been so impressive during this time! Well done!”

Mary Howell, Class of 2024 Parent

“We appreciate how prepared you guys were for this. Everything has gone great…I almost feel guilty telling my friends how well it’s been going for us!”

Jenny, Class of 2021 Parent

“Thank you, the teaching staff and your IT department for the creative solutions, implementation, and success that have been delivered.”

Dawn, Class of 2020 Parent

“Just wanted to send this note to thank for all the effort you and the entire Tenney School team had put for this transition to be successful. The remote learning system is working very well, and the transition (at least from our end) has been very smooth.”

Santiago, Class of 2021 Parent

“I’m so appreciative to all your hard efforts to make this distance learning a reality in such a short time. The kids need a purpose each day, and this is helping them stay on track.”

Dawn, Class of 2020 Parent

“Congratulations on your online success! It was intuitive to me that you would easily make the transition and that your students would continue to benefit from online learning in your wonderful school!”

Adam, Class of 2023 Parent